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Oriental Breakfast

Prep Time:

5 min

Cook Time:

0 Minutes


2 Servings



About the Recipe

Exceptionally simple and amazingly delicious breakfast! Since Coppa della Maga is made of 100% natural ingredients, when melted it becomes a wonderful cream that you can enjoy also like this:


  • 4 scoops Coppa della Maga Amaretto

  • 4 scoops Coppa della Maga Pistachio

  • Nuts and dried fruits


Step 1

Take out of the freezer for 30min or leave overnight in the fridge one tub of Coppa della Maga Amaretto.

Step 2

Choose 2 beautiful bowls and serve in each of them about half of the Amaretto ice cream from the tub.

Step 3

Put on top one large scoop of Coppa della Maga Pistachio.

Step 4

Decorate with nuts and dried fruits according to taste and enjoy!

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