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Coppa della Maga (in Italian “the bowl of the magician”) aims to take you to a magical world – one more beautiful, distinguished and magically delicious. Inspired by the ice cream, we enlisted the help of artists and designers to create these pieces of art. Made of materials such as fine porcelain, they will become beloved objects to bring some luxury into your days or as the perfect present for a loved one.

Ice cream bowl 'Nuvola'

“Nuvola“ (from Italian “Cloud“) is made of fine porcelain – so light and delicate, that held against the light, you can almost see through it. As it is handmade, each one is unique in its shape, much like every cloud is different from all others.


This bowl named “Magician” is a jolly interpretation of the illusionists’ world. The bowl, shaped like a magic hat is made of entirely black porcelain and comes with an “enchanted” white rabbit. Paired together they are magical and perfect for eating your favourite Coppa della Maga flavor in.

Ice cream bowl 'Mago'

jewelry_bracelet_healthy_ice cream.jpg

Bracelet spoon charm

A silver spoon charm bracelet, made from pure silver on a delicate red thread. In many cultures a red thread is seen as an instrument of protection, to discourage bad luck and bring forth good fortune to whoever is wearing it. We carefully gift wrap each bracelet in elegant packaging, ready to be delivered in style to its new owner.

Made of pure silver, this elegant spoon is made in such a way, so that it is most convenient to scoop with, when it is held towards its end – like a real magic wand. Packed in a playful box, the spoon is accompanied by a certificate for the sample of the silver (800), that makes is also the perfect gift for any occasion. You do remember the saying “born with a sliver spoon in mouth”, don’t you? To that, we add: “and a mouthful of Coppa della Maga”.

Boutique silver spoon_healthy ice cream.jpg

Silver spoon

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