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No added sugar

Instead, we use all natural sweeteners stevia and maltitol. They may sound unfamiliar, but are actually all natural and derived from plants. It is worth learning and incorporating more of them in our diet. The stevia plant is truly unique – a completely natural sweetener, 300 times sweeter than sugar, with 0 calories and none of the blood sugar spikes of refined sugar. Stevia originates from Latin America and has slowly begun its way to Europe. The fact that it is three hundred times sweeter than sugar makes it very difficult to use in food products. This is because all proportions and the consistency of the recipes need to be adapted. For food manufacturers it is a slow and difficult process to make that change but we are seeing more and more stevia based products on the market. Beside the fact that it has no calories, this herb helps cleanse toxins from the body, improves digestion and increases your metabolism. It also contains antioxidants that successfully fight free radicals. There are already plenty of recipes available for healthy recipes using stevia. Our other natural sweetener maltitol is a type of carbohydrate called a polyol. It contains half as many calories as sugar and is  90% as sweet.  Maltitol is  produced from starch for use in baked goods, chewing gum, sugar-free chocolates, hard candies and ice cream. Maltitol’s contributions to health go beyond calories. Two areas in which polyols such as maltitol are known for their positive effects are oral health and impact on blood sugar.  

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get into our tubs

We have travelled literally around the globe, in order to select the cocoa, the vanilla, the bergamot oil and everything else necessary, in order to achieve that taste and quality!

Coppa della Maga ice cream is made of milk, cream and butter (besides, of course, our growing vegan range, which made of coconut milk). You may wonder why we have mentioned it, but surprisingly these are not always the default ingredients used by ice cream makers. We buy milk from a source as close as possible to our factory, which ensures maximum freshness till the moment we use it for our ice cream. We add fresh cream and churned cow butter, to give the ice cream its soft consistency and strong taste when slightly softened. Due to the butter content in Coppa della Maga it is slightly coarser when frozen. When it gets warmer, it is soft and melts slowly to give you time to enjoy it – although even completely melted it turns into a tasty cream (never into a liquid foamy mess!). 

Our chocolate flavours are amongst the most popular in our portfolio, that is why we pay extra attention in selecting the cocoa beans. They are one of the strongest antioxidants  and contain a number of minerals (magnesium, zinc, calcium, iron, copped, potassium, manganese) and vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, E). Besides the fact that it is often claimed to be the food of happiness, cocoa improves brain circulation, decreases blood pressure, alleviates the symptoms of depression and is an invaluable source for the production of serotonin. More and more academic research put it alongside wine and olive oil, products that both boast health benefits and long life.

The beans we select have a high content of cocoa butter, an alkaloid similar to the caffeine (theobromine) and lots of antioxidants. After being separated from the fruit, the beans are left wrapped in banana leaves for a few days in order to ferment, after which they are left to dry out in the sun. Through that process any excess acidity is removed from the seeds. A slow roasting follows, which is the most delicate process – it has to boost the flavour to make it more palpable, same as with coffee, but if overdone, the fine beans get easily burned. The next step is the beans dehusking and smashing, after which cocoa butter and powder are separated. After, it is very important how we store the butter and powder and the speed of insertion of the cocoa in the ice cream, in order to preserve at most its strong flavour and to achieve the real feeling of a cool chocolate, melting in your mouth.

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