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Chocolate ice cream with orange reduction

Prep Time:

40 min

Cook Time:

30 min


4 servings



About the Recipe

The combination of chocolate and orange is well known to gourmet chefs and chocolate lovers. Experiment with this recipe to impress your loved ones with simplicity and style!


  • 4 large oranges;

  • 2 tubs of Coppa della Maga Vegan Chocolate & Goji Berries.


  1. 1. Squeeze the juice of the oranges and put in a small pan;

  2. 2. Cook at medim and then low heat for about 30 min until the mixture begins resembling a thick sauce;

  3. 3. Meanwhile, grind some of the oranges peel into different shapes;

  4. 4. Place 3 large scoops of Coppa delle Maga in a bowl, add ot top small spoonfuls of the orange reduction and decorate with the orange peels.

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