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Apple crumble

Prep Time:

40 min

Cook Time:

30 Minutes


4 Servings



About the Recipe

A hot cake with cool, melting Coppa della Maga… A time-saving tip: instead of preparing the crumbly dough you can pour some melted butter over tea biscuits and use them.


For the apple filling:

  • 800 g (approximately 4) apples  – peeled and chopped into small slices

  • stevia or erythritol (equivalent to 100 g sugar)

  • 2 tsp of water

For the crunchy dough:

  • 100 g wholemeal flour

  • stevia  or erythritol (equivalent to 20 g sugar)

  • 100 g butter

  • vanilla

For topping: 1 tub of Coppa della Maga Classic Vanilla.


Step 1

Turn the oven to 190°C

Step 2

Put all ingredients for the apple filling in a frying pan and bring to boil. 

Step 3

When the apples get soft (approximately 5 minutes) remove from the hеat and pour them into the small baking tray.

Step 4

Pour the ingredients for the crispy dough in a pot and mix them with your fingers until you get crumbly mixture. Pour the crumbly dough over the apples in the baking tray and bake for approximately 30 min. until the dough gets a golden crust.

Step 5

Serve each piece while it is still hot with a generous scoop of Coppa della Maga Classic Vanilla on top. 

Tip: you can also bake the crumble in individually portioned ramekins and serve with a scoop of Coppa della Maga on top.

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